80% of women in modern society don't retain enough moisture in their skin due to mental stress, dry air from air conditioner, UV ray.

"I don't have enough time to take care of my skin... furthermore I can't spare time to go to beauty salon... But, I want to keep my skin beautiful and young!"

You might be one of those busy modern women.
MIZUKARA is produced for you who want to recover ideal skin with simple & quick skin care by using all in one gel.

To produce MIZUKARA, we focused our target on
"enhancing natural barrier function of skin" that is usually damaged by getting dry.

Dried skin disturbs regular rhythm of turnover, and your skin becomes more fragile to damages.

But, your skin can recover by itself if ceramide is reproduced with regular turnover
by making your skin keep moisture faster.

All in one beauty gel MIZUKARA
supports to enhance regular turnover of your skin by quick & long moisturizing!

β-glucan plays the key role not only in retaining skin moisture longer, but also absorbing skin waste and old keratin. With β-glucan, we can expect enhancement of skin turnover.

More than 10 years since the start of developing MIZUKARA, our main focus has been on activation of β-glucan and how to improve its water solubility with keeping comfortable application.
MIZUKARA has been succeeded in containing more ratio of β-glucan compared to normal skin care products have.

It is a kind of polyphenol contained in the skin of grape or
red wine. The natural antioxidant function is strong, it
removes active oxygen that damages cell.
Hinagiku (daisy) flower extracted essence
Hinagiku flower contains saponin, polyphenol
polysaccharide. Hinagiku essence reacts against
generation of melanin pigment, enhances whitening and
will make your skin clearer, smoother.

MIZUKARA contains natural effective ingredients such as horse
oil, horse placenta, hyaluronic acid, fish collagen with higher
ratio in combination.
MIZUKARA delivers moisture to deep layer in your skin that
might have lost enough moisture, oil, resilience.

Ms. Motoyama , Semi-finalist in Miss Universe Japan Nagasaki grand prix
I met MIZUKARA in the beauty camp, now I can’t live without it!
I met MIZUKARA for the first time in the beauty camp in Miss Universe Japan Nagasaki grand prix. Originally my face easily swells, I had been suffered from double chin when I turn my face down. When I got tired, I feel my eyes heavy and couldn’t open well enough. But Yuko sensei taught me how to apply MIZUKARA to lymph. My face didn’t swell any more, double chin disappeared, I could open my eyes clearly.
Ms. Yamano
Just 1 bottle after washing face! MIZUKARA is good for busy women
I had been suffered from dry skin and dullness, but soon after starting application of MIZUKARA I felt my skin recovered resilience. Because of its concept of “All in one”, MIZUKARA solves trouble of moisturizing, can be used for massage and facial pack, how convenient! I’m one of busy women, so 1 bottle of MIZUKARA after washing face saves time, that makes me relaxed.
Ms. Sasaki
Couldn’t stop impulse to seek for more moisturized skin...
Before meeting MIZUKARA my skin had been dry all the time, I tried many skin care products in vain, after all those products had just made my skin wet instantly. But I’ve met MIZUKARA in winter, and got surprised!
After applying it in the night, I washed my face in the morning, found my skin was still moisturized and soft! Usually it was supposed to be dry and expanded, I used to apply lotion to my skin... What happened to my skin? Furthermore, wrinkle was reduced! After trying some samples, I couldn’t stop impulse to seek for more moisturized skin.
Mrs. Hashiba
MIZUKARA made my anniversary day!
I happened to meet MIZUKARA just before my wedding ceremony. On that days my skin had been in bad condition, I was suffering from spot, dull skin due to fatigue.
MIZUKARA method massage surpised me. The lift-up effect appeared soon, my skin recovered resilience, brightness, and got moisturized very well, in short, outstanding result. With the help of MIZUKARA, hair make assistant staff praised my bright skin on the wedding ceremony day.
Now I can't live without it because MIZUKARA brings simple and quick skin care with all in one convenience to me!

20 years ago, I had worked in a hospital as certified dietitian for 8 years.

After working as dietitian I started my study of beauty that I had been interested for years. I could obtain diploma after efforts, started to work as instructor in a beauty company. Everything was going well.

However, rupture of internal organ had occured to me suddenly. I was admitted to hospital for 6 month and took operation. With the influence of desease, many wrinkles, spots, dullness appeared in my skin. On that time I thought that I would never be able to work in beauty industry.

Feeling sad in front of mirror, asking myself "why am I in such sadness...?" I was in negative mood all the day for a long time.

However I realised suddenly.
"Remember! Skin has power to reproduce itself internally. If so, can't I support the power with supplying appropriate nutrition or ingredient...? Will my skin recover... yes it will!"

After realising, I have tried to develop ideal product through uncountable trial and error. I could have been succeeded in producing ideal beauty gel, MIZUKARA.

Of course, the first customer was me.
After keeping application to my skin, my rough skin with spot, wrinkle, dullness was dramatically changed better.
Many friends asked me "did you really, really have skin trouble?" when they saw my recovered skin.

12 years have passed since I created MIZUKARA. Now it's time to make more women beautiful overseas with it.

Ms.Yuko Yamaguchi

She is certified dietitian, aesthetician, has advocated "real beauty from internal body" for years.

Based on her philosophy "cosmetic products that activates natural recovering function in skin", she has held many beauty seminars.
In addition to seminar, she operates her own beauty salon in Fukuoka under partnership with dermatologist, pharmacist.

Since autumn 2013, she has been certified instructor in skin care and diet in the "beauty camp" of Miss Universe Japan Nagasaki division.
(Two of her students won the finalist in Miss Universe Japan in 2 years continuously, qualified for Miss Universe contest)

She has taught candidates in Miss Universe Japan how skin is composed, how to keep skin beautiful, how to maintain skin, how to improve bowel for beautiful skin.

She has several social positions such as meister aesthetician, aromatherapy adviser, vivamin adviser, professional chef, bowel meister, giving unique lecturers on TV, radio, monthly magazines.